10 top things to do in Madrid

10 top things to do in Madrid



adrid is one of the most pleasant cities in all Europe and numbers don’t lie: it’s in the top of mind for short breaks and vacations and it has been chosen as a cultural destination unceasingly through the years. Full of life and good vibes, its inhabitants play a huge role in that, making Madrid a special place.

Locals enjoy Madrid with passion: they love to stroll through its streets, hanging out no matter what day it is, getting lost in its hidden treasures. Madrid is fully open to the world and it hosts everybody with no distinction, all kinds of people are welcome!

Marly Olé has chosen the 10 top things that love the most in Madrid, let’s wander around together!

10 top things to do in Madrid

  1. A visit to the Royal Palace: no all cities can brag about having a royal palace in the heart of the city. With more than 3.000 rooms in a unique and ornamental building deserves a visit! Extra tip: you can see the changing of the guard each Wednesday for free.
  2. 10 top things to do in Madrid: The Royal Palace
    Royal Palace, Madrid, Spain.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

  3. A morning at Museo del Prado: Is there any person on Earth who have not hear about the Prado? Goya, Velázquez and El Bosco paintings are ready to be admired in one of the best museums in the world.
  4. 10 top things to do in Madrid: El Prado Museum
    El Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

  5. A stroll through Los Austrias: there must be something in the air in this district that makes people fall in love with it. Its beautiful streets and corners, full of history, it is a must-see thing. We really love to wander around and make a stop to grab a drink on any terrace and enjoy its atmosphere. Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Los Carros or Calle del Almendro could be the main highlights, amongst many others.
  6. 10 top things to do in Madrid: Plaza Mayor
    Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

  7. Enjoy the best city views at Círculo de Bellas Artes: Do you want to feel the summer breeze while you sip a drink? Conveniently located at the beginning, Círculo de Bellas Artes rooftop allows you to see the most breathtaking views. of Calle Alcalá. Extra hint: don’t miss out the sunset, the blue hour will be impressed you at the moment that the city lights start to switch on!
  8. 10 top things to do in Madrid: Rooftop view
    Rooftop view of Madrid.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

  9. Explore Museo Sorolla: Madrid is full of secrets and this is one of the best kept. Sorolla is an inspiring genius painter from the 19th century, and his studio, located in a fancy palace, preserves all details: furniture, brushes, and masterpieces. He is the master of sunlight!
  10. 10 top things to do in Madrid: Museum of Sorolla
    Sorolla’s Museum. Madrid, Spain. Photo: Luis García.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

  11. A nice walk in Parque del Retiro: Madrid proudly states that it is one of the greenest cities in all Europe thanks to its parks and gardens. But, being honest, Parque del Retiro takes beauty to an upper level. The pond, the fountains and its buildings inside make the Retiro a beloved place for all.
  12. 10 top things to do in Madrid: El Retiro
    El Retiro. Palacio de Cristal. Madrid, Spain.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

  13. A sunset at Templo de Debod: It seems unusual to find an Egyptian monument in the middle of a concrete jungle. This spotlight will bring you the best sunset in the city, great snapshots are guaranteed! A great opportunity for mixing with locals indeed.
  14. 10 top things to do in Madrid: Temple of Debod
    Debod’s Temple. Madrid, Spain.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

  15. Go to a flamenco show: Madrid has a historical relationship with flamenco, making a perfect couple. The city hosted most dancers at the beginning of their careers due to the number of opportunities that Madrid offered and still go on that tendency. A flamenco night show will be something to remember!
  16. 10 top things to do in Madrid: Flamenco
    The Passion of Flamenco.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

  17. Ambling along Paseo del Prado: Do you know where you can find an Apollo sculpture down there? Or where you can find the best art galleries? Paseo del Prado is an open-air museum where you can discover the finest architecture along the way. You can see locals walking around, flipping through the shops at the book fair the book fair or just going into the temporary exhibitions that host the main museums.
  18. 10 top things to do in Madrid: Neptuno
    Paseo del Prado. Madrid, Spain.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

  19. Going out for tapas: it’s a kind of national sport, but locals love tapas! When the weekend arrives, all of them are going up to grab drinks with their friends for catch up, while they eat Bravas, croquetas or jamón serrano. Each district has its own bars and it could be a big deal to find the best ones, that’s why we organize the best tapas tour in town, would you join us?
  20. 10 top things to do in Madrid: Spanish Tapas
    Spanish Tapas.

    10 top things to do in Madrid

Marly Olé is an expert local agency that arranges tours and day trips in a very special way: we care visitors as friends, no as tourists. We want to show you the real places where locals go, always regarding the best quality standards. You will be delighted with our organization and we can assure that you’ll get unerasable memories after putting your trip in our hands!

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