Can I rent out my apartment in Spain?

To be clear, property owners in Spain are free to rent out their houses or apartments to whomever they wish. In fact, it is one of the fundamental rights of property ownership, to earn rent from one’s asset.

Do I need a Licence to rent out my property in Spain?

Nowadays, the Tourist licence in Spain is compulsory in almost all the Spanish autonomous communities to rent properties for tourist propose or short terms rentals (less than 3 months).

How do I rent out my property in Spain?

Renting out your property in Spain

  1. If you or a family member intends to occupy the property then you will need to give notice to the tenant at least 2 months in advance.
  2. To end the contract either party must give at least 30 days’ notice before the end date. …
  3. Security deposits in Spain must be held by a third party.
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Can I rent out my property in Spain after Brexit?

If you wish to buy a property in Spain to rent out, whether short term or long term, then you are still able to use the property for that purpose after Brexit, according to the rules applicable in each autonomous community. What has changed is the rate at which you pay tax upon the rental income that you earn in Spain.

How do I declare rental income in Spain?

Owners who rent their houses in Spain are required to declare rental income through Form 100 (Spanish Tax Return – IRPF) or Form 210 (Non-Residents tax) depending on if the owner is a tax resident or not in Spain. Form 100 is submitted once a year between April 1st to June 30th, whether you are a Spanish tax resident.

How long does it take to evict a tenant in Spain?

The process varies greatly depending on the court and the tenant’s actions during the process, and giving an exact answer is complicated. However, as a general rule, keep in mind that the process could take about 4 or 6 months.

Do I need an NIE number to rent a property in Spain?

Yes, it is possible to rent here in Spain as an expat. You can do this with or without your NIE number. At blue square we help you to establish your contract with your NIE or with your passport.

What is classed as long term rent in Spain?

Most long-term rentals in Spain are a 3 year fixed term. It’s possible to get annual renewal afterward if you and the landlord agree. If you want to leave before the 3 years are up, you must give the landlord 2 months notice.

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Is Airbnb legal in Spain?

How do I legally rent out my property in Spain on Airbnb? Generally, most regions in Spain require you to apply for a tourist licence before being allowed to rent your accommodation out to tourists. The process is slightly different for each region but is generally done online through each regional government site.

How can I break my lease in Spain?

You are free to terminate the contract, would advise to do so by certified letter or even burofax, giving notice with at least one month. You could also use email, if so agreed and meeting the legal requisites as outlined in THIS TOPIC.

Can Brits retire to Spain after Brexit?

Can Brits still retire to Spain? The answer is simple: yes. It is still possible to retire to Spain after Brexit, even though the path has now changed (things are not that simple now that Brits are subject to the same immigration rules as non-EU citizens).

How long can I stay in Spain if I own a property?

You will be allowed to spend up to 90 days in Spain, and then you must leave the country. You will not be able to return until 180 days have passed since your date of entry into Spain (or Schengen). However, you can divide the 90-day period into two (45 days each) and spend each of them in Spain during the 180 days.

How much money do you need to retire in Spain from UK?

Retirement in Spain also tends to be fairly low cost. You can retire comfortably on about $2,000-2,200 a month, about $25,000-27,000 a year. If you choose to live a bit further away from the big cities, you can retire on approximately $1,700-1,900 a month, which is about $20,000-22,000 annually.

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What happens if I don’t declare rental income?

If you don’t voluntarily disclose the fact that you owe tax on your rental income and HMRC finds out about untaxed income and launches an inquiry or investigation into your tax affairs, you could face stiff penalties and a possible criminal conviction.

How much tax do you pay on rental income in Spain?

Residents in Spain – tax rates range from 19% to 47%. EEA non-residents in Spain – a flat rate of 19% is applied to your rental income. Non-EEA non-residents in Spain – if you are not an EEA citizen, you’re liable for tax at a flat rate of 24% on your rental income.

Can you be resident in Spain but not tax resident?

If you spend more than 183 days per year in Spain (6 months), you will be regarded as a tax resident. On the other hand, only living from 1 to 182 days in the country will imply you are a non-resident. *Bear in mind that the years don’t necessarily have to be consecutive.