Can I use T10 to Barcelona airport?

You can use the T10 on the bus and train from the airport.

How does the T10 ticket work in Barcelona?

The T10 ticket is a public transportation ticket that is valid for 10 rides. You may use the metro, FGC (train lines similar to the metro around the city centre), buses, trams and RENFE (Spanish railways) in given Public Transportation Zones (e.g. Zone 1, Zone 1-2 etc.)

What zone is Barcelona airport in?

More importantly, Barcelona airport is in zone one on the TMB map and zone 4 on the RENFE map!

How much is the metro to Barcelona airport?

You can buy individual tickets at the ticket machines. The Barcelona metro ticket price is 2.40 euros.

How much is a T10 ticket in Barcelona?

T10: transfers from Barcelona airport to the centre.

The ticket costs 10.20 euros, which leaves you in less than 1 euro any trip that you are going to make from the Barcelona airport to the centre (it goes by zones and the airport and the city are included in the same area).

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Can you use T10 to go to airport?

You can use the T10 on the bus and train from the airport. Where can I use it? On regular buses, such as #46, PR1, L99,N16,N17…

Is the metro easy to use in Barcelona?

Operated by TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona), locals tend to prefer the metro for its easy-to-use system, low fares, and frequency of trains.

How do the zones work in Barcelona?

Travel zones

Zone 1 is the centre of Barcelona, and zones 2-6 are each gradually further away from the centre, zone 6 being the furthest out – see the official TMB zone map here. Traveling within one zone is cheaper than travelling across zones, and the more zones you cross, the more expensive your journey becomes.

Can you use T-casual to Airport?

Provided your T-Casual ticket has a journey left on it you can use it to travel to the Airport on the RENFE train. The Ticket gives you 10 journeys on the transport system and is valid indefinitely within a given year.

What do zones mean Barcelona metro?

A: There are 6 transport zones in Barcelona. The zones are related to transport distances from the city centre. Zone 1 area encompasses the centre of the city. The zone numbers increase as you move further out from the centre. Zone 6 is in the suburbs of the city.

What time does the Metro start in Barcelona?

Barcelona Metro schedule

Type of day Operating hours
From Monday to Thursday and midweek public holidays From 05:00 to midnight
Fridays and the nights before public holidays From 05:00 to 02:00
Saturdays Start: at 5.00 hours; continuous service throughout Saturday to Sunday night
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Is Hola Barcelona Card worth it?

Is the Hola Barcelona Travel Pass worth it? The Hola Barcelona Travel Card is worth it depending on the number of times you will use the public transport in Barcelona and if you use the Airport metro.

How do I get from Barcelona airport to Sants?

A: It is easy to travel from Barcelona Airport to Sants. Simply catch the RENFE train from Barcelona Airport and get off at Estació de Sants (Sants Estació also known as Barcelona Sants station) the journey is around 20 minutes.

How long is T10 valid?

Important update: On 01 January 2020 the T10 ticket transport ticket was discontinued and replaced by the T-Casual ticket. Click here to learn more. A: Hello your T-Casual Zone 1 ticket is valid for 10 journeys on the bus, metro, tram or local train. The card is valid until the end of January.

Can I buy Hola Barcelona card at airport?

You can also use your card to travel from Barcelona Airport. You can buy or pick up your card at the tourist information offices at the two terminals.

Can I buy Barcelona travel card at the airport?

If you purchase online there are sometimes discounts over the price at the airport. … Once you purchase your card online you then print out your voucher which is sent to you via email and hand it to the staff at any of the tourist offices at Barcelona airport and they will give you your Barcelona Card.