Frequent question: What are the most common jobs in Spain?

What are the top 3 most common jobs?

7 Most Popular Jobs in 2021

  1. Construction worker. …
  2. Truck drivers. …
  3. Web developer. …
  4. Healthcare professionals. …
  5. Data scientist. …
  6. Software engineer. …
  7. e-commerce.

What is the best work in Spain?

Best Jobs in Spain for International Citizens

  • Business Consultant Jobs in Spain for Foreigners. …
  • IT Jobs for Americans in Spain. …
  • Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Jobs. …
  • Medical Practitioner Jobs for Expats. …
  • Tourism and Hospitality Jobs in Spain for Americans. …
  • English Teaching Jobs in Spain for International Citizens.

What jobs are the most common?

Most common jobs in America

  • Cashier.
  • Food preparation worker.
  • Janitor.
  • Bartender.
  • Server.
  • Retail sales associate.
  • Stocking associate.
  • Laborer.

What is the most paid job in Spain?

What is the best-paid job in Spain?

  • Surgeon, with an average salary of 64,500 euros yearly.
  • Project manager engineer, 59,900 euros.
  • Sales manager, with an average of 58,880 euros.
  • And IT director, with 48,000 euros a year.
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What is the most loved job?

The Most Loved Professions

  • Teachers. A science teacher explains an experiment to his students. …
  • Nurses. A nurse records notes on a patient’s chart. …
  • The President. A future president. …
  • Nannies. Mary Poppins is the most famous nanny ever. …
  • Athletes. A football player in action. …
  • Actors and Musicians. …
  • Special Agents. …
  • Doctors.

What is the least popular job?

11 Least Popular Jobs in America

  1. 1 | Prosthodontists.
  2. 2 | Private chefs. …
  3. 3 | Fishers. …
  4. 4 | Fabric menders (non-garment) …
  5. 5 | Wood patternmakers. …
  6. 6 | Temporary farm worker recruiters. …
  7. 7 | Industrial/organizational psychologists. …
  8. 8 | Clock adjusters (non-watch) …

What jobs are demand in Spain?

Most in-demand professions in Spain in 2020, by category

Characteristic Share of jobs offered
Programmer 2.34%
Customer service technician 2.18%
Administrator 1.72%
Accounting technician 1.56%

Can I work in Spain if I don’t speak Spanish?

If you don’t speak Spanish, besides working for a multinational company, jobs in Spain for English speakers include tourism, real estate, teaching English, and services aimed at expats. For other types of employment, you will generally need to speak Spanish.

Is it easy to get job in Spain?

The overall unemployment rate stands at 14.3%. Of the entire population, 14.5% of the unemployed population includes foreigners. Verdict: It might be hard to find jobs in Spain for expats, but it’s not impossible. Once you do find a job, you’ll have plenty of good things waiting for you!

What job is most needed in the world?

25 most in-demand careers

  • Financial advisor.
  • Health services administrator.
  • Registered nurse.
  • Physical therapist.
  • Information security analyst.
  • Medical technologist.
  • Statistician.
  • Software developer.
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What is the most common job for a woman?

Here’s a list of the top 10 female-dominated occupations, according to the most recent data from the BLS:

  1. Preschool and kindergarten teachers. …
  2. Dental hygienists. …
  3. Speech language pathologists. …
  4. Dental assistants. …
  5. Childcare workers. …
  6. Secretaries and administrative assistants. …
  7. Medical records & health information technicians.

What is the number 1 job in America?

Information security analysts came in No. 1, thanks to a strong 10-year outlook, according to U.S. News’ 100 Best Jobs of 2022 list. It also assessed salary and work-life balance, among other criteria. Nearly 4 in 10 occupations in the best 100 jobs rankings are health care or health-care support roles.

What’s the average wage in Spain?

In 2022, the average salary in Spain is €2,710 gross per month or €32,520 per year.

When compared to other European countries, Spain’s average net salary sits in the middle.

Country Average Net Salary Comparison with Spain
Spain €1,408 baseline
Netherlands €2,629 +87%
Germany €2,565 +82%
Sweden €2,525 +79%

How much do teachers in Spain make?

On average, English teachers in Spain can expect to make anywhere between 700€ – 1,100€ ($800 – $1,250 USD) per month through a Government Program with the option to earn additional income through private tutoring (€15-€25 / $17-$29 USD per hour) and teaching English online ($10-$20 USD per hour).

What is the highest paying job?

Highest-Paying Careers

Rank Occupation 2020 Median wages
1 Anesthesiologists $100.00+
2 General Internal Medicine Physicians $100.00+
3 Obstetricians and Gynecologists $100.00+