Question: What direction is Greece from Spain?

Spain is located nearly West side to Greece. The bearing degree from Greece To Spain is 274 ° degree.

Is Greece near Spain?

The distance between Spain and Greece is 2305 km. The road distance is 3077.9 km.

What direction is Greece from UK?

Greece is located nearly South East side to Uk. The bearing degree from Uk To Greece is 133 ° degree.

How far is Spain from Greek?

The distance between Greece and Spain is 2305 km. The road distance is 3074.2 km.

Which direction is Greece from Italy?

Driving Distance : 1067 KM and 715 meters / 663.4 miles. Straight Line Distance : 841 KM and 800 meters / 523.1 miles. Travel time : 21 hours and 17 minutes. Direction and bearing : East side, 111 degree.

What do Spanish people think of Greeks?

Greeks are southern Europeans and Mediterraneans, Spaniards see Greeks as our own kin, just like the Swedish see the Finish or the Americans see the Canadians. Our culture is very similar, our past too, our attitude towards life… the Mediterranean unites a lot.

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Where is Greece located?

Greece is a country that is at once European, Balkan, Mediterranean, and Near Eastern. It lies at the juncture of Europe, Asia, and Africa and is heir to the heritages of Classical Greece, the Byzantine Empire, and nearly four centuries of Ottoman Turkish rule.

Is Greece close to London?

How far is it from Greece to London? It is approximately 1379 miles to get from Greece to London.

How do I get from London to Greece?

You can reach Greece from London either by train to Italy then a cruise ferry to Greece, or by train all the way to Athens across eastern Europe via Munich, Vienna & Budapest.

Is Greece near London?

The distance between London and Greece is 2206 km.

How many hours is Greece from Spain?

Average direct flight time is 3 hours 23 minutes.

The fastest direct flight from Greece to Spain is 3 hours 23 minutes.

Can I take a train from Greece to Spain?

Travel from Athens (Greece) to Barcelona (Spain) by train (1878km): schedule and information to the train connection. Compare fares and buy your ticket. To travel by train from Athens in Greece to Barcelona in Spain, the main route leads via Italy and France.

How long does it take to sail from Spain to Greece?

How long does it take to get from Spain to Greek Islands? It takes approximately 6h 47m to get from Spain to Greek Islands, including transfers.

Is Greece east of Italy?

Greece is a country of the Balkans, in Southeastern Europe, bordered to the north by Albania, North Macedonia and Bulgaria; to the east by Turkey, and is surrounded to the east by the Aegean Sea, to the south by the Cretan and the Libyan Seas, and to the west by the Ionian Sea which separates Greece from Italy.

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Which direction is Ukraine from Greece?

Ukraine is located nearly North East side to Greece. The bearing degree from Greece To Ukraine is 35 ° degree.

Which direction is Greece from Rome?

Greece is located nearly East side to Rome. The bearing degree from Rome To Greece is 111 ° degree.