Question: Who has to register for VAT in Spain?

VAT registration in Spain is mandatory for all companies that carry out transactions in this country. International companies operating in the EU are required to obtain a special VIES identification number.

Do I have to register for VAT in Spain?

You have the obligation to register for VAT in Spain if your company performs the following transactions : Intracommunity supplies of goods from Spain to companies within the EU (Intracommunity supplies). Exports of goods from Spain to companies outside the EU. Holding goods in a warehouse in Spain as stock for resale.

Who is obliged to register VAT?

VAT registration is mandatory if you meet any of the following criteria: Selling over €37,500 for the sale of services or €75,000 for the sale of goods means your company needs to register for VAT in Ireland. This is a sale threshold amount over the course of 12 months (not calendar year)

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Do individuals have to register for VAT?

You’re liable to register if you make any relevant supplies in the UK, or at any time, you’ve got reasonable grounds to believe you’ll make relevant supplies within the next 30 days.

Is there a VAT threshold in Spain?

What are the Spanish VAT registration thresholds? There is no VAT registration threshold for non-resident companies providing taxable supplies in Spain. There is a €35,000 per annum threshold for foreign companies selling goods to Spanish consumers via the internet.

Can a UK company register for VAT in Spain?

Foreign companies which wish to supply goods or services in Spain which are subject to VAT, are required to register their company for VAT in Spain. This involves registering the company with the Spanish Tax Office, and obtaining a non- residents tax code (NIE/ NIF).

Is Spain in the EU VAT?

Spanish VAT

Spain introduced Value Added Tax (VAT) in 1986 when it became a member of the European Union (EU). … VAT in Spain is overseen by the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria. Any company making taxable supplies of goods or services may be required to charge VAT.

Do all businesses have to be VAT registered?

It’s commonly assumed that charging VAT is something that all businesses do, so it’s no surprise that many people who speak to us about starting their own business assume that they need to be VAT registered with HMRC. In fact, that’s not true. Many small businesses do not need to be VAT registered.

Does a limited company have to be VAT registered?

The VAT registration threshold

A limited company must register for VAT when its VAT taxable turnover is more than £85,000 in a 12-month period. You can register your limited company for VAT at any point if you expect your annual turnover to reach the £85,000 threshold.

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Can a self employed person register for VAT?

All businesses (including self-employed businesses) must register for VAT once they reach a certain earning threshold.

Do I have to charge VAT on services to overseas customers?

Which country’s VAT rules to use when charging VAT on services. If you’re in the UK and the place of supply of your service is in the UK, you charge and account for VAT according to UK VAT rules. If you’re in the UK and the place of supply of your service is in an EU country, you do not pay UK VAT.

Do sole traders need to be VAT registered?

Do I Need To Register For VAT As A Sole Trader? The fact that you operate your business under a sole trader setup usually has no bearing on the need to register for VAT. Compulsory registration for VAT as a sole trader and all other setups is based primarily on VAT taxable turnover.

Can I register for VAT if my turnover is below the threshold?

A business can register for VAT voluntarily if its turnover is below the threshold and it may actually save tax by doing so, particularly if its main clients or customers are organisations that can reclaim VAT themselves.

What is EU VAT registration?

A value-added tax identification number or VAT identification number (VATIN) is an identifier used in many countries, including the countries of the European Union, for value-added tax purposes. In the EU, a VAT identification number can be verified online at the EU’s official VIES website.

What is the limit to be VAT registered?

You must register for VAT if your VAT taxable turnover goes over £85,000 (the ‘threshold’), or you know that it will. Your VAT taxable turnover is the total of everything sold that is not VAT exempt. You can also register voluntarily.

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