Quick Answer: Is Bravo a Spanish word?

What Bravo means in Spanish?

bravo adjetivo

ferocious, fierce; excellent, great; rough, rugged, wild; annoyed, angry.

What is the origin of the word Bravo?

bravo (interj.)

“well done!,” 1761, from Italian bravo, literally “brave” (see brave (adj.)). Earlier it was used as a noun meaning “desperado, hired killer” (1590s). Superlative form is bravissimo.

Is Bravo French or Spanish?

It comes from Italian (through French probably, but I’m not sure). The original meaning was “brave, bold”, as you could see in Spanish, but now it is usually taken to mean “well done!” or “good job”. It still has the other meaning too, though.

Which language word is Bravo?

Italian word of the day: ‘Bravo’

What means Bravissimo?

bravissimo in American English

(bʀɑˈvissiˌmɔ) Italian. interjection. very well done; splendid.

What does Rio Bravo mean in English?

• RIO BRAVO (noun) Meaning: A North American river; boundary between the United States and Mexico; flows into Gulf of Mexico.

Can you say bravo to a girl?

It is true that “bravo” is internationally used to express a compliment for a performer, regardless of his/her gender, but that does not apply within an Italian frame. In Italian “bravo” must agree with gender and number, like every other adjective.

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Why is Bravo used?

Bravo definition

Used to express approval, especially of a performance. A shout or cry of “bravo.” A hired killer; assassin; desperado. To express approval of by shouting “bravo.”

What country is Bravo from?

Dwayne John Bravo (born 7 October 1983) is a Trinidadian cricketer and a former captain of the West Indies cricket team.

Dwayne Bravo.

Personal information
National side West Indies (2004–2021)
Test debut (cap 256) 22 July 2004 v England
Last Test 1 December 2010 v Sri Lanka

Is Bravo French or English?

Bravo/a is Italian and Spanish. In Italian,it means “good job” when it is used as an exclamation. As an adjective, it means being particularly good at something. Lui è molto bravo in storia!

Is Bravo feminine or masculine?

When and How to Use Bravo

Since bravo is the masculine form, it is typically used for men while brava is reserved for women.

Is Bravo a compliment?

The modern meaning of bravo. So, with a couple of exceptions, the modern meaning of bravo is “good”, and people use it mostly to compliment each other.

How do you say bravo in different languages?

In other languages bravo

  1. Arabic: مَاهِر
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: bom.
  3. Chinese: 擅长的
  4. Croatian: dobar.
  5. Czech: dobrýv čem.
  6. Danish: god.
  7. Dutch: goed.
  8. European Spanish: bueno.

What is the opposite of Bravo in Italian?

Actually, we have to add one thing: if we use “bravo” to express appreciation a talent or a skill, its opposite will be: incapace or incompetente; while, in the presence of a noun, the opposite of “bravo” will be: cattivo.