Quick Answer: What is DELE mean in Spanish?

What does DELE mean in Spanish slang?

dele. dele Verb Plural: deles. Translate “dele” to Spanish: tachar, marcar como borrado. English Synonyms of “dele”: cross out, blank, blank out, cancel, cross off, efface, scratch out, blue-pencil. Define meaning of “dele”: Remove from a list.

What is DELE Spanish exam?

DELE stands for Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign Language). It’s a worldwide recognized title of Spanish proficiency. Since 2015 Spanish natives and learners alike can take part in it. Overall, it consists of four parts – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

How do I get a DELE certificate?

In order to obtain a Diploma, students must score “apt” on all sections of the test. This qualification attests to sufficient linguistic ability for a very basic range of the most commonly simple expressions used in the Spanish-speaking world and in order to satisfy inmediate needs of a concrete type.

What are the DELE levels?

There are 6 levels of the DELE diploma: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. The A level is the most basic and the C level is the most advanced. Read the descriptions of each level here.

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Who says Dale?

For non-Cuban folks that just moved to Miami: Dale (pronounced DAH-leh) is a slang term, used mostly in Miami. While it literally means “Give it,” it’s mostly used to mean good bye, or do it, or go for it, or as a slang call. Pitbull says it a lot in his videos.

How long is the DELE valid for?

Differences and similarities between DELE and SIELE

Starting year 1989 2016
Origin Spain Spain, Mexico and Argentina
Expiration Indefinitely Five years

Can you take the DELE in the US?

DELE testing centers can be found around the world (specifically in 850 centers throughout more than 100 countries). In the U.S. the test can be taken in 21 different cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, as well as 13 different cities in the United Kingdom.

Does the DELE expire?

DELE diploma does NOT expire; once you have the diploma it never expires.

What level DELE should I take?

We would recommend only starting with the official DELE exams after level B1 (or even B2) because they are quite expensive and a lower level than B1 in Spanish will only be recognized and useful in very specific situations.

Is the DELE hard?

The exam appeared to be too easy. There were people present who had studied Spanish during one hour each week for four months. As a rule of thumb I would say you need one year of learning and practice before taking DELE A1. The next levels are much more difficult.

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Who can give DELE?

Every year, more than 60,000 examinations are taken by candidates in more than 800 examination centres. The DELE is open to anyone who is a native from a non-Spanish speaking country and since 2015 Spanish natives and learners alike can take part in it. Sign up on GlobalExam and hit the DELE score you need!

Can you give DELE exam online?

Registration for exams must be carried out online (for exams taken in Spain) or at a examination center (for exams taken outside of Spain). Young Learners will always register at the examination center, regardless of their location.

How is DELE scored?

The scoring criteria for most sections of the DELE test will mainly focus on four areas related to fluency, linguistics and accuracy. This can be better explained as the ability to be understood, the flow of your speech (or writing), the vocabulary and phrases you use and how correct the words and grammar are.

Should I take the DELE?

Taking the DELE is also very useful for exercising and improving all four language skills (i.e. speaking, reading, writing and listening). When learning the language some people focus more on certain skills. They generally focus on speaking and listening. However, it is important you learn and improve all four skills.