What does Pakas mean in Spanish?

What is Pakas?

Pakas is a word we used in Kalibo, Ati atihan festival which means ” cousins”. … This word come from an ilonggo dialect,short cut for “paka-isa “which means cousins or first cousins.

What does pa ca mean in Spanish?

come over here. vente pa’ca. 1. ( informal) (singular) come over here.

What are Pacas in English?

(ˈpɑːkə, ˈpækə) noun. a large, white-spotted, almost tailless rodent, Agouti paca, of Central and South America, having features resembling a guinea pig and rabbit: valued as food. Also called: spotted cavy.

What does Morello mean in Spanish?

guinda {f} cherry (also: morello, black cherry, sour cherry)

What does the word Paco mean in Spanish?

Paco is a Spanish nickname for Francisco.

What does ven aqui?

So when someone says ven aquí, think of it as “I want you to come here, right here, right next to me”.

What is the meaning of Ventes?

sales, sale, selling.

What is a paca Verde?

Paca Verde (spanish for green bale)

Paca Verde is a mixture of rye grass and alfalfa. … The alfalfa provides a higher level of protein in a low dosage, while the rye ads good starch with lower amounts of protein.

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What blemish means in Spanish?

[ˈblemɪʃ ] (on fruit) mancha f. (on complexion) imperfección f. (figurative) (on reputation) tacha f.

What does Morello mean in Italian?

[moˈrɛllo] Word forms: morello, morella. adjective, masculine noun/feminine noun. (cavallo) morello black horse.

What is Muneca in Spanish?

dolls, wrists, doll.