What is the plural form of you in Spanish?

Ustedes. Ustedes (often abbreviated Uds.) is used to address two or more people and can be formal or informal. Since most Latin American countries do not use vosotros, ustedes is used for all forms of plural address in this region.

What is the plural of yo in Spanish?

The plural of yo is nosotros/nosotras, the plural of tú is vosotros/vosotras, the plural of él is ellos, the plural of ella is ellas, and the plural of usted is ustedes.

What are the three forms of you in Spanish?

In Spanish there are two ways of saying “you”: There’s the informal form, tú and the more formal usted (often abbreviated as Ud.) Whether you use tú or usted depends on a variety of different factors, but it can be a bit intimidating for English speakers used to addressing everybody as “you”.

Is El singular or plural?


Article Definite or Indefinite Plural or Singular
el Definite Singular
la Definite Singular
los Definite Plural
las Definite Plural
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What is the plural of el libro?

The definite article the is translated by el before a masculine singular noun, la before a feminine singular noun, los before a masculine plural noun, las before a feminine plural noun: the book/books = el libro/los libros.

How do you say you plural have to in Spanish?

The verb for speaking to someone formally is ustedear. The plural forms (for sentence subjects) are the informal vosotros and the formal ustedes. Generally, in most of Spain the difference between formal and informal when speaking to more than one person is the same as specified above.

How do you say you formal singular in Spanish?

You would say con usted (with you, formal, singular).

Is it el Agua or LA?

In most cases, el is used for masculine nouns and la is used for feminine nouns. Another rule supersedes this, and that is when the feminine noun is singular and starts with a stressed a- or ha- sound, like the words agua, meaning water, or hambre, meaning hunger.

How do you know when to use LA or el in Spanish?

Before feminine singular nouns → use la. Before feminine singular nouns starting with stressed a or ha → use el. Before masculine plural nouns → use los. Before feminine plural nouns → use las.

Why is it La Leche and not el Leche?

“La leche” is the milk and “El agua” is the water. I know that “a” is used in a feminine sentence and “o” is used in a male sentence. And El is refering to a male and La is refering to a female.

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What is the plural form of la Secretaria?

Meanings of “plural of secretario” in Spanish English Dictionary : 1 result(s)

Category Spanish
1 Common secretarios [m/pl]

What is the plural of Computadora?

(plural: computadoras f)