Why Real Madrid is the best?

The pride of Spain and a titan atop the list of all-time Champions League winners, Real Madrid is known for its dynamic goals and celebrity players. But as we explore, the recent success of the world’s best club owes much to a culture of innovation that extends far beyond the football arena.

Is Real Madrid the best club ever?

FIFA Club of the Century was an award presented by FIFA to decide the best football club of the 20th century. Real Madrid was the winner of the award with 42.35% of the vote, announced at the annual FIFA World gala, held in Rome on 11 December 2000.

Is Real Madrid the most successful?

1-Real Madrid: 72 Trophies

Real Madrid are one of the biggest clubs in the world and, with 72 trophies, they’re also the most successful European club in history.

Why Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world?

European Cup and Champions League

Madrid have won it a total of 13 times, six times more than anyone else. They are seen as the biggest club in the world because they win the most important competitions the most often.

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Are Real Madrid a good team?

In June 2017, the team succeeded in becoming the first club to win consecutive Champions League titles, then made it three in a row and four in five seasons in May 2018, extending their lead atop the UEFA club rankings. As of 2020, Real Madrid are ranked third behind Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

Which is the greatest club in the world?

1Complete list of top 10 football clubs in the world

S.no Team Value
1 Real Madrid $4.76 billion
2 FC Barcelona $4.75 billion
3 Manchester United $4.2 billion
4 Bayern Munich $4.215 billion

Who is best team in La Liga?


1 Real Madrid 63
2 Sevilla 55
3 Barcelona 48
4 Atlético Madrid 48

What is Real Madrid biggest defeat?

On 13 June 1943, Real Madrid beat Barcelona 11–1 at home in the second leg of a semi-final of the Copa del Generalísimo, the Copa del Rey having been renamed in honour of General Franco.

Who is top scorer for Real Madrid?


Rank Player Total
1 Cristiano Ronaldo 450 (438)
2 Raúl 323 (741)
3 Karim Benzema 309 (592)
4 Alfredo Di Stéfano 308 (396)

Why is Real Madrid so valuable?

The reason is Real’s massive revenue stream. Deloitte has named them the richest team in the word for the last four seasons (Manchester United is second) with revenues of €366m (£290m). One large source of revenue is gate receipts. Real have the third-highest average attendance in Europe.

Which club is bigger Barcelona or Real Madrid?

Real Madrid Tops Barcelona as World’s Biggest Club, Per France Football. Spain’s football powers have been crowned kings of the sport after Real Madrid were named the biggest club in the world followed closely by bitter rivals Barcelona.

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Which is the richest football club?

1. Spain FC Barcelona – $4.8 billion. Spain’s FC Barcelona is the richest football club in the world in 2022. Its net worth is valued at $4.8 billion, with a revenue of $792 million in 2021.

What are Real Madrid fans called?

Madridista definition

A fan of Real Madrid.

What is Real Madrid nickname?

Real Madrid is the best team in Europe in the last 20 years. having won 5 champions leagues since 2001 (the most in all of Europe) and 7 Laliga (Spanish league) titles, second to only Barcelona.