Your question: How safe is Alicante Spain?

At only 24.64%, Alicante has one of the lowest general crime rates in all of Spain. While the more popular cities like Barcelona and Ibiza have theirs at moderately high rates, this one is decidedly low. With that said, that doesn’t mean everyone in Alicante is free from danger.

Is Alicante a nice place to live?

Alicante is known for its nice sandy beaches, great climate, and laid-back vibe. With numerous parks, a cute historical center with narrow streets, colored houses, and a lively nightlife scene, it’s a city that offers a good quality of life.

What is crime like in Alicante?

Crime rates in Alicante, Spain

Level of crime 23.55 Low
Problem people using or dealing drugs 38.49 Low
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft 34.44 Low
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery 20.45 Low
Problem corruption and bribery 51.21 Moderate

Is Alicante Spain worth visiting?

Alicante is most definitely worth visiting and has something for everybody without having to break the bank. Whether it’s an authentic Spanish city break you’re looking for, a lively beach resort holiday or a quaint coastal retreat – Alicante is a great place to visit for all three!

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Where is the highest crime rate in Spain?

By City in Spain

Rank City Crime Index
1 Bilbao 53.53
2 Barcelona 48.51
3 Palma de Mallorca 32.28
4 Seville (Sevilla) 30.14

Which is better Alicante or Malaga?

Malaga is still our favourite but Alicante is definitely worth a visit. We caught the train to Valencia for the day while we were there which is definitely worth a visit. Alicante has a nice seafront and good beach, but there are more galleries and museums in Malaga if you enjoy visiting theses(which we do).

Where do expats live in Alicante Spain?

Alicante city is home to around 328,500 people, of whom 12% are expats. Some towns have a higher proportion of expats such as Javea where 44% of the 27,500 residents are from overseas and Torrevieja where 42% of the 88,500 residents are foreigners.

Is Alicante real?

Alicante may be a popular tourist mecca…but it’s also a real Spanish city.

Where can you go from Alicante airport?

1 hour 11 minute drive from Alicante Airport

Resort near Alicante airport Journey time by car
Orihuela 35 minutes
Torrevieja 40 minutes
Benidorm 43 minutes
Calpe 54 minutes

Is Alicante a party town?

The main areas of fun to Alicante are located in the neighborhoods of El Puerto and El Barrio. The historic downtown area of ​​Alicante, known as “El Barrio”, bustles with nightlife and boasts a large concentration of pubs, bars and many trendy clubs open all night.

Why is Alicante so popular?

What is Alicante Most Famous For? Alicante is known for its expansive public beaches, where you can enjoy sailing, sunbathing, and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea during warmer months. Alicante’s main port is lined with diverse restaurants, bars and pubs serving seafood, tapas, cocktails, and wines until late.

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What is good about Alicante?

12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Alicante

  • Castillo de Santa Bárbara. Castillo de Santa Bárbara. …
  • Museo Arqueológico de Alicante (MARQ) …
  • Explanada de España. …
  • Basilica de Santa María. …
  • Playa del Postiguet: A Beautiful City Beach. …
  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Alicante. …
  • Mercado Central de Alicante. …
  • Playa de San Juan.

How many murders have there been in Spain in 2020?

In 2020, number of homicides for Spain was 298. Number of homicides of Spain fell gradually from 577 in 2001 to 298 in 2020.

Which city is safest in Spain?

In spite as being named as the safest city in Spain and the best place to live in Spain in 2021, Barcelona remains cause for concern. Residents in Barcelona continue to be concerned about insecurity in the city, while residents in Madrid tend to be more satisfied.

Is there a lot of theft in Spain?

Spain’s crime rate is relatively low compared to other countries around the world, but you should be aware of some common scams, thefts, and crimes. You’ll need to take some safety precautions when traveling or living in Spain, as well as be aware of laws in Spain and the Spanish legal system to know your rights.