Best answer: How do you say Tammy in Spanish?

What does Tammy mean in Spanish?

Tammy Noun Plural: Tammies. Translate “Tammy” to Spanish: Tammy. Translate “tammy” to Spanish: aro de madera o metal con una malla de tela o metálica para colar líquidos o salsas, colador. English Synonyms of “tammy”: tamis, wooden or metal ring with a metallic or cloth mesh for straining liquids or sauces, drum sieve.

How do you spell Tammy in Spanish?

tammy n. boina escocesa loc nom m. boina tam o shanter loc nom m.

How do you say in Spanish say my name?

To say “My name is” in Spanish, say “Me llamo,” pronounced “Meh yah-moh,” followed by your name to mean “I’m called.” Alternatively, simply say “Soy,” before your name to mean “I am.” In more formal situations, like talking to a stranger on the phone, introduce yourself with “Mi nombre es,” pronounced “Mee nohm-breh es …

Is Tammy an Irish name?

Tammy in Irish is Tomáisín.

What does the name Tami mean?

The meaning of Tami is ‘let people see benefit’ in the Japanese language. In Hebrew, the meaning is ‘date palm tree’. According to its ancient Hebrew origin, the meaning of the name Tami is ‘life’. However, according to its Egyptian origin, the name means ‘one of loves ancient land’.

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What does the name Robert mean?

Robert is an old German name that means “bright fame.” It’s taken from the old German name Hrodebert. The name is made up of two elements: “Hrod” which means fame and “Beraht” which means bright. The name was introduced to the people of England by the Normans in the middle ages.

How does a girl say my name is in Spanish?

If you want to say the phrase “hello my name is” in Spanish, you would say, “Hola, mi nombre es [your name].” A more relaxed version of the same expression would be, “Hola, me llamo [your name].” Want to ask someone what their name is? Use “¿Cómo te llamas?” (familiar/personal) or “¿Cómo se llama?” (formal/polite).

What means mucho gusto?

Mucho Gusto Pronounced: Moo-cho Goo-stow. This phrase means “nice to meet you.” It is obviously used when you’re meeting someone for the first time. It can be used in the beginning and the end of the conversation.

How do you teach yourself Spanish?

How to Learn Spanish by Yourself in 18 Simple Steps

  1. Spend an hour a day on grammar exercises from a textbook. …
  2. Read, underline, look up new words and read again. …
  3. Watch movies and TV shows with subtitles. …
  4. Listen to the radio in Spanish. …
  5. Travel to Spanish-speaking countries. …
  6. Spend time in Spanish-speaking environments.