Can I build a house in Spain?

Yes, anyone can buy building land in Spain. However, you will need to use specialists to help you with national and local building regulations. If you’re not careful you can get caught out.

How much would it cost to build a house in Spain?

According to VIP Reformas, a single-family house, of about 150 m2 with medium-high qualities, can cost about 600 euros/m2 as a base, which gives a total construction price of about 90,000 euros, although this price can be increased up to 1,000 euros/m2 in many cases, resulting in a final construction price of 150,000 …

Do you need planning permission to build in Spain?

It is essential to have the relevant planning permissions in place before you embark on any building works in Spain. Those who build properties in Spain without the correct planning permission can be ordered to pay fines or, in the worst possible scenario, be ordered to demolish their property at their own cost.

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How much is a building Licence in Spain?

The taxes raised by each municipality when they issue a building licence in Spain also vary and can be made up of different percentages and two or three separate components. As a back of the envelope figure, expect the tax payable for the building licence to be around 5% of the building cost in total.

Can I build a wooden house in Spain?

While not totally unknown in Spain, timber frames are commonplace in northern Europe and North America and something you should certainly consider if you plan to build a house in Spain.

Are there building regulations in Spain?

There are two types of building permits: Permit for minor works: walls, terraces, and barbecues. Permit for major works: new buildings, alterations, and demolitions.

Can you get a mortgage on land in Spain?

Solvia points out that, in general, banks do not grant mortgages for the purchase of land, so the best thing to do would be to apply for a loan or remortgage your current home.

Is it hard to get planning permission in Spain?

The rules surrounding planning permission in Spain are much more restrictive than they are in other countries, such as the UK, and you will need to obtain it for almost any type of home renovation Spain.

Do you need permission to paint your house in Spain?

Each municipality in Spain decides for itself which DIY projects need a building permit and which are exempt. “If we are caught doing refurbishment work without prior consent, we face a fine or sanction.

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Do you need planning permission for a pool in Spain?

Planning permission

First and foremost you should be aware that it is necessary to have a licence for a swimming pool in Spain, however small. You need planning permission to build one and if you don’t have this it can present problems when you wish to sell or bequeath your property.

Can you build on rustic land in Spain?

Building on rustic land in Spain is rarely simple. In fact, rustic land is, by definition, not buildable. However, in specific circumstances, building can take place in these areas.

What time can Builders start work in Spain?

According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, generally construction works cannot be carried out between the hours of 9pm and 8am on weekdays and 9pm until 9.30am during weekend or holidays.

What is an antiquity certificate?

For a certificate of antiquity to be granted the structure needs to be at least 7 years old ( this time may vary in different areas ). Once this has been issued you can normaly update the property at the land registery.

Is Wood expensive in Spain?

Wood is extremely expensive in Spain and rarely used by the Spanish. It tends to be the Brits who use wood as that’s what they’re used to. Wood is extremely expensive in Spain and rarely used by the Spanish. It tends to be the Brits who use wood as that’s what they’re used to.

Can I build a log cabin in Spain?

Yes, whether the building/structure you put up on your plot of land is fixed or mobile, you will need building permission beforehand and naturally, whether this will be granted, will depend on the classification of your plot of land and the Plan General de Urbanismo for your area.

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