Frequent question: What pets do people have in Spain?

Among the wide variety of animals kept as pets, cats and dogs are the most common. In Spain, dogs seem to be the most popular pet, with 26 percent of Spanish households owing at least one canine in 2019.

How are pets viewed in Spain?

A new legislation that focuses on animal welfare means pets in Spain are now considered members of the family. From January 5, 2022, dogs and other pets will no longer be considered as ‘objects’ but rather as ‘sentient beings’ in the court of law – meaning they have the capacity to experience feelings and emotions.

Are dogs pets in Spain?

Spain is also not an especially pet-friendly country. In general, large dogs are not welcome in tourist resorts. Animals are forbidden in many restaurants, just like in hotels, where small dogs are often allowed in the room for an extra fee, but never in the restaurant or pool areas.

How many pets can you have in Spain?

No household may have more than five pets. Households with more than five pets will need a kennel permit.

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Can I own a tiger in Spain?

In 14 countries across the EU, private individuals and/or circuses can still keep tigers. Both scenarios are permitted in Spain. … Despite weak regulations, the Spanish Environmental Police, (SEPRONA), is one of the few specialised forces in Europe fighting environmental crime.

Is Spain cruel to animals?

Overall cruelty. Rank 30

Spain is a marginal performer (“D”) under the VACI, on par with Colombia. The country has a high rate of animal slaughter, significant animal product consumption and inadequate farmed animal protection under the law.

Do you need a dog license in Spain?

Any person owning a potentially dangerous dog (perros potencialmente peligrosos) in Spain must have an appropriate licence (by law of article 3 of the Royal Decree 287/2002, of 22 of March 2002) and the dog must be registered with the municipality.

Are pitbulls legal in Spain?

Spain does not have breed-specific bans, and all dog breeds are welcome in the country. However, there are restrictions on strong and aggressive dog breeds such as the Staffordshire Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Akita Inu, Tosa Inu, Rottweiler, Fila Brasiliero and other powerful dog breeds.

Are dogs allowed on beaches in Spain?

The question of whether dogs are allowed on Spanish beaches is a common one, but in short, no, they’re not, is the general answer. Spain is changing, and more municipalities are attemping to create dog friendly beaches, but in general dogs are not allowed onto beaches.

Are dogs welcome in Spain?

Spain is a perfect destination for travelling with your dog. The pet-friendly trend is constantly growing, which means that dogs travelling with their families are welcome, making for a great experience for all concerned.

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Can you own a lion in Spain?

“It might seem strange, but the law does allow you to keep a lion in your home,” reveals Cargol, who assures that local authorities have always been fully aware of the animal’s presence and have kept him under close scrutiny.

Can you own a monkey in Spain?

Currently, monkeys are protected under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna). … However, in Spain it is possible to adopt a monkey as a pet, but the legal provenance of the animal must be demonstrated with the corresponding documentation.

What happens if a dog bites someone in Spain?

According to the said article 1905, there are several elements of the liability of the animals owners, which must be taken into account: 1. – They will be responsible even when their dog or animal has been lost or run away, that is, if your dog get lost and bites someone, the owner will be responsible. 2.

Is it legal to own a wolf in Spain?

The Spanish government will declare the wolf a “wild animal under special protection” which means hunting it is illegal. It will bring to end decades of hunting which almost drove the wolf to extinction on the Iberian peninsula.

Can you have a pet raccoon in Spain?

An unpleasant “pet”

Given its exotic origin and its rapid expansion since the 1970’s, the raccoon is considered an invasive species in Europe. However, the majority of European countries, like Spain, do not control the trade of this animal, which is introduced onto the market as a pet.

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Do apartments in Spain allow dogs?

Assuming there is no prohibition in the Statutes, you’re free to have pets at home as long as they don’t bother the neighbours. … If you wish to have pets in a rented apartment, your best bet is to negotiate a change in the contract with the owner.