How do you say lower classes in Spanish?

How do you say classes in Spanish?

classes → instrucción, enseñanza, clase.

How do you say I have two classes in Spanish?

Tengo dos clases por la mañana y dos por la tarde.

How do you say 8 classes in Spanish?

Tengo ocho clases este semestre.

How do you say to take classes in Spanish?

tomar un curso loc verb.

Is it el or la clase?

Class in Spanish is la clase, so it’s gendered feminine.

What is the plural of class in Spanish?

every word in the sentence is changed to a plural form) When the noun is pluralized: clase –> clases this requires — Pluralizing the definite article: La –> Las.

How do you say I’m taking Spanish lessons in Spanish?

I’m taking Spanish class this semester. Estoy tomando la clase de español este semestre.

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