How do you spell novio in Spanish?

How do you spell novio?

noun, plural no·vios [naw-vyaws; English noh-vee-ohz]. Spanish. a fiancé or bridegroom.

What is another word for novio in Spanish?


From To Via
• novio → fiancé ↔ accordé
• novio → bridegroombridenewlywed ↔ jeune marié
• novio → bridegroomgroombride ↔ marié
• novio → boyfriend ↔ petit ami

Is novio masculine or feminine?

masculine and feminine nounfeminine novia

¿tienes novio? — do you have a boyfriend?

What country is the term novio from?

noun. In Spain and Spanish-speaking countries and amongst Hispanic Americans: a boyfriend, a fiancé; a male lover.

Is novio a Scrabble word?

Novio is not a valid Scrabble word.

What is a Sancho?

(slang) The term sancho is slang used to refer to a male lover with whom someone is engaging in an illicit affair. The term would not be used to refer to a person’s boyfriend or husband, but rather to another male with whom the person is cheating.

What’s a novia?

noun, plural no·vias [naw-vyahs; English noh-vee-uhz]. Spanish. a fiancée or bride. a girlfriend or sweetheart.

How do you spell Viejito?

1. viejo: viejo (vieja) m. old man.

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