Is vosotros only used in Spain?

Is the word Vosotros only used in Spain?

The pronoun vosotros (bvoh-soh-trohs) (plural you) is used in spoken Spanish in Spain only. Spaniards use vosotros to informally address a group of people. In all other Spanish-speaking countries, vosotros is taught in the schools, but never used in normal conversation.

What countries use the vosotros?

Vosotros is used in the majority of Spain, Equitorial Guinea, and Western Sahara and for ser would take the conjugation you note.

Why do Mexicans not use Vosotros?

It’s really quite simple. You see, the Spaniards conquered much of Latin America and therefore forced us all to speak their language. Obviously, they wouldn’t allow us to learn informal Spanish and use it with them, as they were our oppressors. This is why vosotros is nonexistent in Latin America.

Does South America use Vosotros?

In Spain, vosotros is always used for the plural of “you”, whereas in Latin America it isn’t. … It is used primarily in Argentina, though also shows up in Paraguay, Uruguay, most of Central America, and is even heard in the far south of Mexico and at times in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Chile.

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What is UDS short for in Spanish?

Ud. Is the abbreviation for Usted, and Uds. Is the abbreviation for Ustedes. If you’re not sure whether to use tu [with an accent] or Usted, then you should use Usted. The person you’re talking to may invite you to use the familiar form.

Why is Vosotros not used in Latin America?

“Why is “vosotros” not used in Latin America?” There are various theories on the details of that but, in general, the answer is simply that Latin America had a tendency to try to be more formal than Spain and so plural forms the familiar was gradually lost.

How is Vosotros used in Spanish?

Vosotros is used when an individual person or speaker is addressing a group of 2 or more people. Vosotros in English stands for “you” as the plural “you and others.”

Is usted still used in Spain?

In Spain, usted (singular) and ustedes (plural) are used as well. But this happens only for more formal occasions, or occasions where respect must be shown. So, if you meet the Pope while in Spain, be sure to use the usted form. In other Spanish-speaking countries, however, vosotros is never (or rarely) used.

Why do some people not use Vosotros?

“Vosotros” is not used because it is not useful outside of Spain. However, most conjugation tables include it, probably because it makes the whole personal pronoun structure of the language very symmetrical.

Is Vosotros used in Andalucia?

Vosotros is standard in Castillian Spanish only, not in Andalusian, Canarian or Latin American Spanish. Only 5% of Spanish speakers use vosotros.

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WHen did Spain start using Vosotros?

That means until the 1600s all the Spanish speaking world only used vosotros. That means until the 1600s all the Spanish speaking world only used vosotros.

Do they use Vosotros in Peru?

5 Answers. Yes, they would understand it in Peru, because very many works of Spanish literature come from Spain, including the Holy Bible. The 1960 edition of the Reina Valera version of the Bible is used by practically all the Spanish-speaking world, and it uses the vosotros form.

Is Vosotros used in Chile?

The most notable peculiarity about Chilean Spanish is the merge of the formal vosotros with the casual tu verb forms, which over the centuries has created a verb tense unique to this country. …

Is Vosotros in Spanish Formal?

Difference between Tú, Vos, Usted, Vosotros or Ustedes

You informal
Vosotros You plural (mainly in Spain)
Ustedes You formal plural