Quick Answer: What happens if I dont pay rent in Spain?

According to the law firm Pelegrí Abogados, the legal eviction of a tenant who doesn’t pay takes an average of 11 months in Spain. Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid and the Valencian Community are the Autonomous Communities where it takes the longest, an average of 12-13 months.

How long does it take to evict a tenant in Spain?

The process varies greatly depending on the court and the tenant’s actions during the process, and giving an exact answer is complicated. However, as a general rule, keep in mind that the process could take about 4 or 6 months.

What happens if I dont pay the rent?

If you have rent arrears, your landlord may try and evict you. This is called seeking possession. To do this, in most cases they will need to follow a procedure which involves getting a court order. They can’t make you leave your home without going to court first.

Can my landlord evict me in Spain?

A landlord can try to solve the issue without a court order – they can try to come to an agreement with you over your non-payment of rent. However, if this is unsuccessful, the landlord will proceed with the eviction process by presenting a formal eviction notice and filing a court order.

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How do I evict a non paying tenant in Spain?

Eviction process in Spain: Frequently Asked Questions

A lessor may try to come to an agreement with a tenant over non-payment of rent in the initial stages, using a legal representative. If this is unsuccessful, the tenant will have to file for a court order to be able to continue with the eviction process.

Do squatters rights exist in Spain?

CONTRARY to popular belief there are no laws in Spain that grant squatters the right to illegally occupy a house. But that doesn’t mean Spain effectively manages its problems with okupas. In fact, every year the issue of squatters is getting worse.

How long are rental contracts in Spain?

Typically, such leases often are set for twelve months but can be extended following a discussion with the landlord. The maximum period up to which the contract can be extended depends on whether or not your landlord is a company. An extension is possible for: Up to 5 years if the landlord is a private individual.

How do I get tenants to stop paying rent?

In the event that the lease agreement is cancelled due to a breach and the tenant fails to vacate the property, the aggrieved landlord will have the option of evicting the tenant. This can only be done by approaching the court to apply for an eviction order. Our attorneys have outlined the eviction process here.

Can a landlord change the locks in Spain?

Changing Locks

It is a crime for a landlord to enter the property without tenant’s permission, even if they are in arrears with the rent, to change the locks, to cut off utilities to the property or to threaten the tenant.

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What is the meaning of eviction notice?

noun. an advance notice that someone must leave a property. He was charged with failing to comply with a government eviction notice to leave his home. The council obtained an eviction notice.

How do I rent out a property in Spain?

Owners who rent their houses in Spain are required to declare rental income through Form 100 (Spanish Tax Return – IRPF) or Form 210 (Non-Residents tax) depending on if the owner is a tax resident or not in Spain. Form 100 is submitted once a year between April 1st to June 30th, whether you are a Spanish tax resident.