What does ph mean in Spanish slang?

abbreviation (US) (Military) (= Purple Heart) decoración otorgada a los heridos de guerra.

What does ph mean address?


Word Abbreviation
Penthouse PH
Room RM

What does op mean in Spanish slang?

(informal) [ɒp ] noun abbreviation. Medicine, Military) = operation. 2. = opportunity.

What does BB mean in Spanish text?

bb — bebé — baby. bbr — bbr — to drink. bs, bss — besos — kisses. bye — adiós — goodbye. b7s — besitos — kisses.

What does ALC mean in Spanish texting?

ALC Noun Plural: ALCs. Translate “ALC” to Spanish: control automático de carga. English Synonyms of “ALC”: automatic load control.

What does TLS mean in Spanish slang?

Translations. TLS. TLS, (Seguridad de la capa de transporte) Transport Layer Security, the ~ Noun.

What does PH stand for apartment?

PH – Penthouse

Penthouse apartments are on the highest floor of a building, offering expansive views of the city and a luxurious living space.

What does PH mean in Panama?

*In Spanish, P.H. is often used before the name of an apartment building. It stands for Propiedad Horizontal, which means horizontal property.

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What does Ogt mean in Spanish?

A popular obscene graffito in Mexico among schoolchildren is OGT; when the letters are pronounced in Spanish, they sound like ojete.

What does NTP mean in Spanish?

ntp: No te preocupes or Don’t worry, no problem.

What does CB mean in Spanish slang?

Spanish term or phrase: C.B. English translation: Comunidad de Bienes.

What does Amr mean in Spanish?

love, (to) love.

What does QP mean in Spanish?

Qualified person qp | Spanish Translator.

What does K mean in Spanish texting?

Te quiero mucho is the less formal way of expressing love. It literally means I want you a lot. K often replaces q because it has similar phonetic sound.

What does VRG mean in Spanish?

abbreviation:noun. virtual reality realidad (f) virtual.