What is special about Valencia Spain?

Valencia is famous for the City of Arts and Sciences, the Valencia Cathedral, the Old Town, the Central Market, and being the birthplace of paella. Valencia is also popular for its peculiar museums, quirky festivals, beautiful sunny weather, and fantastic sandy beaches.

Why should I go to Valencia Spain?

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain. This is considered more a slow traveller city than just a quick holiday destination. The perfect combination of art, culture, fun nightlife, amazing beach and insane unique festivals all year round.

Is Valencia worth visiting in Spain?

Yes, Valencia is worth visiting for at least 2 nights. One day you can see the City of Arts and Sciences, and the other day you can see the sights such as the Cathedral.

What was Valencia famous for history?

Valencia is one of Spain’s most historically rich and fascinating cities. One of its main historical highlights is that it was founded by the Romans. In the year 138BC Decimus Junius Brutus Callaicus founded Valentia which at the time held a couple of thousand Roman colonists.

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What is an interesting fact about Valencia?

Did you know that Valencia has the largest aquarium in all of Europe and one of the largest in the world? The Oceanogràfic of Valencia is one of the biggest attractions in the city that you cannot miss! Inaugurated in 2003, it has more than 42 million cubic meters of salt water, 45,000 animals, and 500 species.

Why do people visit Valencia?

Though it’s often overlooked in favour of Barcelona or Madrid, Valencia has plenty going for it. Located on Spain’s east coast, the 2,000-year-old city boasts wide sandy beaches, striking architecture, a buzzing food scene and culture, without the crowds found in other large Spanish cities.

Is Valencia Spain Pretty?

Valencia is more practical, modern, and livable than it is dreamy, stylish, and historical. Sure, Valencia has a bullfighting ring in the center of the city, some beautiful old buildings and squares, and lots of tapas bars, but its streets don’t have the same level of charm and character as other Spanish cities.

Do they speak English in Valencia?

Spanish is mostly spoken in Valencia but you will find locals speaking in a Catalan dialect called Valencian and some street signs will have both languages. Here is a few helpful words and phrases in the Spanish – Valencian – English.

Is Barcelona or Valencia better?

Both cities have a Mediterranean climate and sunshine year-round. Since Barcelona is further north, the average temperature is colder than Valencia by 3 degrees Celsius. So, Valencia is the winner!

Is Valencia Spain cheap?

Being the 8th most expensive city in the country, Valencia counts as friendly to tighter budgets.

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What language do they speak in Valencia?

Official status

The native language of the Valencian Community is Valencian. Valencian is official within the Valencian Community, along with Spanish, which is the official language nationwide.

What does the name Valencia mean?

The name Valencia is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Valor, Health. Spanish surname for people from Valencia, Spain.

What is Valencia Spain?

Valencia (Valencian: València) is the capital of the autonomous community of Valencia and the third-largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, with 789,744 inhabitants in the municipality. The wider urban area also comprising the neighbouring municipalities has a population of around 1.6 million.

How old is Valencia?

The history of Valencia, one of the oldest cities in Spain, begins over 2100 years ago with its founding as a Roman colony under the name “Valentia Edetanorum” on the site of a former Iberian town, by the river Turia in the province of Edetania.

How old is the city of Valencia?

Valencia, over 2000 years old, has been the home to Romans, Visigoths and Muslims since it was founded in 130 B.C. and has one of the largest historic centres in Europe. Valencia has a rich artistic heritage, full of art and masterpieces from previous civilisations.

What is the geography of Valencia Spain?

Geografical Location València

València is located on Spain’s eastern coast, at the mouth of the Turia River, right in the centre of the Gulf of València. It is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean, a stretch of water which has gradually forged the city’s character over the centuries.

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