What is the meaning of the Spanish word mismo?

Mismo can mean ‘right’, ‘same’, or ‘only’. You can use mismo in phrases like el mismo, lo mismo, and mí mismo. You can also use mismo as an adjective, pronoun, or adverb.

How do you use igual in a sentence?

Igual as an adverb has some interesting uses. If you really don’t mind about something, you use the phrase me da igual or me es igual: Me da igual or Me es igual hoy o mañana. Today or tomorrow, I don’t mind.

What does the Spanish word has mean?

If you want to say “has” in Spanish (or “have”), you would generally be using a conjugation of the verb “tener.” In the present tense, you’d use: yo tengo = I have. tú tienes = you have. él/ella tiene = he or she has. nosotros tenemos = we have.

What does Feo mean in Spanish slang?

ugly in English is “FEO”.

What does the word Duro mean in Spanish?

Definition of duro

: a Spanish or Spanish American peso or silver dollar.

How do you use igual que?

3 Answers

  1. votes. “Al igual que” serves to liken two concepts or situations. It is used in a similar manner to “like” or “as”. …
  2. vote. It looks to me like it would be translated as “To what equal?” (¿Al igual qué?) Similar to saying that nothing can compare to it. …
  3. votes. How is it used in a sentence?
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What is De Dónde Eres?

– Saying where you’re from in Spanish – Coffee Break Spanish To Go Episode 1.03.

How do you say we have in Spain?

Thankfully, we’ve untangled the “to have” mess so you know exactly how these Spanish verbs work.


Yo tengo I have
Tú tienes You have
Él/ella/usted tiene He/she/you have
Nosotros tenemos We have
Ellos/ellas tienen They have

What does Rubio mean in Spanish slang?

blond, fair, light, fair-haired.

What does dura mean in slang?

DURA. Slang meaning: It’s literal translation means “hard,” but in urban lyrics, “dura” is used to describe a woman who’s all that.

What is the meaning of the prefix dura -?

In Latin, dura means “hard or thick.”

How do you say sister in Puerto Rico?

Mamey is the word you need to use when something is very easy to do. Similar to “easy peasy” in English. This is the short version for hermano o hermana which mean ” brother or sister” in Spanish, and it has the same meaning. It can also be used with good friends.