What is the plural of red in Spanish?

plural of red. redes [f/pl] ×

How do you say plural colors in Spanish?

If the noun you’re referring to is plural, simply add an s or es to the end of the color word. You add an s if the color ends in a vowel, and es if the color ends in a consonant. For example, el bolígrafo azul (the blue pen) is singular, and los bolígrafos azules (the blue pens) is plural.

What is Spanish in red?

red → rojo, viño tinto.

What are the Spanish plurals?

Spanish nouns can be singular or plural, and Spanish plural nouns will almost always end in -s or -es.

1. Add -es.

Singular Plural
el rey los reyes
el panel los paneles
el color los colores
el botón los botones

Can Marron be plural?

nounplural noun marron, plural noun marrons.

What is the plural of orange in Spanish?

If you are talking about the color “orange” use “anaranjado.” An orange car is “auto anaranjado” in Spanish. The word “anaranjado” is an adjective. If it is used to describe a feminine noun or a plural noun, the last “o” changes to an “a.” In plurals, an “s” is added to the end of the adjective.

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What colour is Rojo?

Colores básicos – Basic colours

Español English
rojo red
naranja orange
amarillo yellow
verde green

How do you say red in Spanish feminine?

rojo (masculine)/roja (feminine) – red.

How do you say red in every language?

In other languages red

  1. Arabic: أَحْمَر
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: vermelho.
  3. Chinese: 红的
  4. Croatian: crven.
  5. Czech: červený
  6. Danish: rød.
  7. Dutch: rood.
  8. European Spanish: rojo.

What is the plural form of LA?

The plural form of la is las.

Is Los singular or plural?

los and las are used before plural nouns. los is used with masculine plural words, and las is used with feminine plural words.

What is the plural form of la nariz?

The last answer is, therefore, the correct plural form of nariz which means nose and narices means noses.

Is orange plural in French?

Orange as a noun does take an s for the plural. Orange as an adjective for colour, does not take an s. 2 different situations. That is «Les oranges» but «les fleurs orange».

What is the plural of vert?

Noun. vert (plural verts)

Is Vieux plural?

(The schools are public.) Vieux, which means “old,” is used with masculine singular nouns and vieille is the feminine singular form of the adjective. The masculine plural form of the adjective is the same as the masculine singular, vieux. For the feminine plural, we add an “s” to get vieilles.