Will my UK car insurance cover me in Spain?

If you’ve got valid UK car insurance, you’ve also got the legal minimum cover in any EU country. But this can be very basic – in some countries you’re covered for even less than UK third party insurance meaning theft and damage from vandalism isn’t included.

Is my UK car insurance valid in Spain?

Spain and the UK are both part of the Green Card System, a Europe-wide scheme allowing all countries to recognise foreign vehicle insurance policies of visiting motorists, so it’s quite possible your existing insurance will cover you.

Is my car insurance valid in Spain?

As a general rule, vehicles insured in any European country are covered when driving in Spain. Sometimes, the insurance provider will be able to offer you specific rates for special coverage for driving in another country.

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Does my car insurance cover me to drive in Spain?

You need to insure all vehicles in Spain to at least third party liability level. This includes cars, trucks, RVs, motorbikes, and scooters. … You can drive foreign vehicles for a limited period (3-6 months) without Spanish registration but will need to have at least third party insurance.

Does my UK car insurance cover me Europe?

All UK vehicle insurance provides the minimum third party cover to drive in: the EU (including Ireland)

Can I drive my UK car in Spain after Brexit?

Like any third country tourist, if you are British and hold a valid UK driving licence, you can drive in Spain with a foreign licence within the legal period of residence.

Can I drive in Spain with UK licence after Brexit?

UK licence holders resident in Spain can now continue to drive using their valid UK driving licence until 30 April 2022. UK driving licence holders resident in Italy before 1 January 2022 can continue to drive until 31 December 2022.

What happens if you drive without insurance in Spain?

The Spanish law states that all owners of motor vehicles in Spain must have an insurance for each of those vehicles with at least the minimum obligatory cover required by the law. A car without insurance could incur a penalty of between 600 and around 3,000 euros.

Does my car insurance cover me in another country?

Typically, your personal car insurance policy will not cover you abroad.

Can anyone drive my car in Spain?

Visitors riding or driving in Spain must have reached the minimum ages laid down for residents of Spain, even if they are qualified to drive at a lower age in their country of residence. A foreign driving licence does not entitle the holder to drive a motor vehicle in Spain until the age of 18 years.

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Does my UK car insurance cover me abroad?

Yes – as long as you have a minimum of third party car insurance, you can drive in Europe after Brexit – all UK insurers are legally required to include at least 30 days of European cover per year. If you’re planning a longer trip, you might need to take out extra insurance.

Does my insurance cover driving in the EU?

Car insurance with European cover

All named drivers on your policy benefit from the cover but you must remember to take the certificate with you on your trip. Your International Motor Insurance Certificate will cover you up to a maximum of 90 days in any one year.

Does UK car insurance cover Isle of Man?

However, as a general rule most UK car insurance policies do cover you for driving in the Isle of Man, although in some cases you may only receive third party or third party, fire and theft cover even if you have a fully-comprehensive car insurance policy.

Can I drive in Spain in 2021?

Most drivers will not need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in all EU countries such as France and Spain after 1 January 2021. Read on to find out the rules and exceptions around IDP requirement and other post-Brexit documentation.

How long can a UK registered car stay in Europe?

Many UK insurers offer a maximum of 90 days of full cover in Europe, thereafter basic 3rd party cover only. Some may offer longer, for an increased premium, and there are also some Spanish insurers who will cover vehicles on UK plates.

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Will I need an international driving permit to drive in Spain?

Spain requires foreign drivers who have a license in English to obtain an IDP prior to arriving in Spain. This driving permit is a requirement to drive in Spain, and without the permit, you could face punishment if stopped by law enforcement officials while driving.