Your question: Are ITV testing stations open in Spain?

How do I book an ITV test in Spain?

You can get an appointment for any ITV station Andalusia, in the Web or by calling 959 999 999.

How much does an ITV test cost in Spain?

According to the rates published by each ITV dealer in the Community of Madrid, the average price of the inspection is 41.72 euros for gasoline cars (3.3% more than in 2019), a figure that is 21% above the Spanish average, and 56.04 euros for cars with diesel engines, which represents 34.3% more than the national …

How often is the ITV test in Spain?

Cars between four and ten years old are tested every two years. Cars that are older than ten years old are subjected to an ITV test annually.

What paperwork do you need for ITV in Spain?

What Documents do I Need to Take With Me For An ITV Test In Spain? Ficha Tecnica – The technical data sheet from the last ITV passed. Permiso de Circulación – Vehicles registration document.

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Can you drive a car in Spain without ITV?

The Spanish ITV is simply a “Certificate of Roadworthiness”. A valid MOT (or your local equivalent for non UK expats) is required to legally drive your non-Spanish registered vehicle in Spain. Without a valid MOT or equivalent Spanish ITV (subject to your personal situation)your car insurance will be invalid.

How do I book ITV in Torrevieja?

If you come to the ITV in Torrevieja (like me), you don’t need an appointment. Just drive onto the premises and park immediately left or right at the edge and go with your papers to the office for registration. As far as I know you don’t need an appointment with most ITVs.

Does Spain have mots?

The ITV (Inspección Técnica de Vehículos) is the roadworthiness test for a motor vehicle in Spain. It is the equivalent of an MOT in the UK. ITV tests are compulsory and may only be undertaken by an authorised garage.

How long does Spanish ITV last?

How Often Should I Renew ITV in Spain? The ITV Spain website above explains the renewal timeframes, but generally, they are: Cars that are new are tested after four years, and then need to be inspected every two years until the car is 10 years old. Cars over 10 years old need to be inspected every year.

Can I get my UK registered car MOT in Spain?

The simple answer is NO, you cannot ITV/MOT a British registered car in Spain. So if your vehicle was registered in the UK, you would have to have an MOT undertaken in the UK.

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How much does road tax cost in Spain?

When you decide to buy a new car in Spain, you will have to pay a 21% of value added tax. This amount is already included in the final price the dealer shows you. When you buy a secondhand car, you also must pay Patrimonial Transfer Tax.

What is the cost of ITV?

ITV is a free UK TV station with content such as Love Island, Coronation Street, Downton Abbey available for streaming. ITV is available online via ITV Hub. You can watch live and on-demand British TV shows on ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, CITV, and ITVBe.

Can I own a car in Spain as a non resident?

Foreigners, whether from the European Union or not, may buy a car in Spain, either a second or a new one, and have their car to use in Spain for a total of 6 moths (it is not necessary a 6-month continuous period) in any calendar year.

Can you ITV an English car in Spain?

Can a foreigner vehicle carry out an Itv Test? Yes, it is called “Itv Voluntaria” (Voluntary Itv) and only proves that your vehicle is on roadworthy conditions at the time of the inspection. There is no a period of validity of one or two years as Spanish vehicles have.

How does the ITV work in Spain?

If a car is four years old it will be necessary to have the vehicle undertake a road safety test. This is known as an ITV in Spain. (Similar to an MOT in the UK). The car must undergo an ITV test in Spain every two years until the car is ten years old.

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How do ITV a car in Spain?

How do you book an appointment? You can book the appointment online here, just enter the registration number and “date of matriculation” (date of first registration – this will be on your Ficha Tecnica). Alternatively you can ring the main appointment line on 959 99 99 99.